WMF 2016 in Barcelona, 3-4 May 2016

From Global Challenges to Grand Manufacturing
Opportunities: towards Growth and Sustainability.

In the early years of the 21st century, the importance of manufacturing as a key contributor to economic growth, job creation and well-being in industrialised nations has been recognised. Customer impatience for ever-changing, customised products with shorter and shorter life cycles drives research and innovation to come up with new technologies to meet the demand.

In order to compete in the world market, manufacturing enterprises need to expand beyond their boundaries. Globalisation was the biggest driver of growth for many corporations in recent decades, but today that is not enough. Companies now strive to maintain competitiveness by lowering costs through increased productivity and making more sustainable use of scarce resources.

In this context, the World Manufacturing Forum to be held in Barcelona, Spain, will assemble global policy experts, industry leaders from large multinationals and small-to-medium-sized enterprises, and academic researchers to discuss the policy, economic, social, and technical challenges that impact on global manufacturing.

At our last event in Milan, Italy, more than 400 industrialists and policy-makers participated in discussions initiated by high-level speakers from leading international enterprises on the global manufacturing scene.

The Forum will present policy views supporting and defining manufacturing megatrends, challenges for SMEs in the global marketplace, manufacturing intelligence, social innovation as a driver for new products, financial challenges that affect industrialised and emerging economies, services, disruptive technologies, zero waste and the circular economy.

Save the date now and make plans to attend. Visit www.worldmanufacturingforum.org for more information as it becomes available.

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