Resultatspredning av prosjekter

Manufuture Norge vil bistå i sanking av behov og spredning av prosjektresultater:

EU PROSJEKTER innen fagområdet Manufacturing med Norsk deltagelse

H2020 - FOCUS - Factory of the Future Clusters

The five participating clusters in FOCUS will share experiences and best-practices to stimulate the take-up of project results and investigate how to best exploit synergies. To deliver a model and associated methodology for industrial exploitation and take-up of future FoF PPP projects.

The clusters within FOCUS has possible results and output from more than 64 institutes, academical and industrial companies in Europe. Each of the projects has a spesific topics in manufacturing areas:

Zero Defect Manufacturing (4ZDM), Clean Factories, Robotics, High Precision Manufacturing (High Micro) and Maintenance and Support;  a broad representative for the European manufacturing industry.


IFaCOM : Intelligen Fault Correction and self Optimizing Manufacturing systems 

The EU project IFaCOM, with main focus on Zero Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) has industrial demonstrator cases, which aims for a beyond "six sigma" approach. The characterisation to find the ZDM and the steps from "as is" and "to be" situation for each of the industrial demonstrators. Implementation of sensors, decision making systems, different statistical tools, a generic guideline and a benchmark of Machine Tool and Aerospace Industries are among the objectives.

The five end-users are Alesamonti from Italy a small machine tool builder, GKN Norway which deliver large parts to the private jet engine marked, EMA, Italy a company which deliver spare parts to the aircraft and windmill industry, GF Agie Charmilles a large Swiss company in the machine tool segment, producing EDM machines and Strecon a small SME from Denmark which produce customized product in the polishing area. Four technology providers has been involved together with six universities, that have contributed to improvement in each of the industry demonstrators cases.


In LinkedDesign, we focus on the early phases of the product lifecycle and will develop a tight and seamless integration with CAx-Systems, this system will become knowledge-based engineering supported applications. LinkedDesign will boost the productivity of today's engineers by providing an integrated, holistic view on data, persons and processes across the full product lifecycle as a vital resource for the outstanding competitive design of novel products and manufacturing processes. A Linked Engineering and mAnufacturing Platform (LEAP) as an integrated information system for manufacturing design.


IC2: Intelligent and Costumized Tooling

By developing a technological foundation and organizational models for intelligent tooling systems customized for the needs of users, the European tooling industry can increase competitiveness through knowledge intensive tooling and increased customer value. A project in hybrid manufacturing, coatings and tribology control, surface embedded sensors and new organizational models,  IC2 combined state-of-the-art additive and subtractive processes into a hybrid manufacturing cell.


GALA: Game and Learning Alliance

The Serious Games Society (SGS) is the think tank where the future of games for learning can be discussed and put in practice. The SGS has been designed to bring together the cutting edge companies, institutions and individuals researching on and developing Serious Games. The Games and Learning Alliance (GALA) International Conference is dedicated to the study and application of serious games. The goal is to share the state of the art of research and market, analysing the most significant trends and discussing visions on the future of serious games. Industrial involvement is targeted, also through an exhibition.

IMS2020 - Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

The European Union sponsored a roadmap project titled "IMS2020" with the objective to strengthen international co-operation under IMS, to provide an effective interface with ongoing European road-mapping activities, and to create research synergies through the establishment of international manufacturing communities in key areas.